King's St Alban's

14 May

Cricketers in action against Hereford Cathedral School

Sports Round-Up

It was great to see our cricketers in action against Hereford Cathedral School this week, game time is invaluable for our young cricketers. It is a great opportunity for them to put in to practice all they have learnt in their games sessions recently.

U11 Boys Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

It was fantastic to be back: bright sunshine; Cathedral glistening; lush green-grass brimming; ball hitting willow; children in ‘whites’ – set the scene for an idyllic afternoon.

Sam K and Angus G, set the team-up beautifully with 20 runs off the first 4 overs.  Then, unsurprisingly – lack of game time and practice over the last year – we witnessed wickets tumbling at very regular intervals.

Coming back from losing 14 wickets was always going to be tough.

However, the boys set about with enthusiasm and energy to try and make inroads into Hereford’s batting early-on.  Sam, Hugo, Seb and Oscar, did some damage but it fell way short and Hereford ran out deserved winners.

Mr Benham

U11 Girls A Cricket V Hereford Cathedral School

A lovely start to the season with a very close match against Hereford Cathedral School and so nice to see the children out playing fixtures again. We lost by 3 runs, 289 to 292! The girls were a little nervous considering it was their first match and probably didn’t bat as tenaciously as they have been in lessons. My ‘bowler’ of the match was Henrietta, with 2 wickets and the lowest runs scored against her. Steph, our captain, was my ‘player of the match’ after making a spectacular catch and for gaining the most runs off the bat.

Mrs Clark

U11 Boys Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

The U10 boys were involved in such a great fixture against Hereford Cathedral School on Wednesday afternoon. They were brilliant at encouraging each other in the field and their bowling and batting, extremely impressed. It was also great to see every member of the U10 team, without any prompt from me, clapped every Hereford batsman in and out of the crease.

The U10s bowling was a particular highlight with Lex bowling 15 balls, taking three wickets and only going for three runs. Tommy also bowled a terrific double-wicket maiden over. Eamon did brilliantly with his consistently straight bowling, he bowled 18 balls, 15 of which were dot balls and didn’t go for any runs! Well done to Sam R for picking up a wicket in his second over with his ever-improving bowling. With all this great bowling and alert fielding the U10s kept the Hereford score at 235.

At times, the boys gave their wicket away too easily and this is something we will work on in games and clubs over the next few weeks but they batted well and scored 276.

Well done U10 boys! It was a great performance, and everyone showed sportsmanship and respect throughout.

Mr Hooman

U11 Girls Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

A good start to the cricket season for the U11 girls at King’s St Alban’s. The girls won the match toss and elected to field first – a good decision made by the captain (Zara)! Before the game started we talked about fielding as a team and helping each other by backing up fielders when returning the ball to either the bowlers or wicket keepers end. The girls overall bowled very well, they showed confidence in bowling a good line and length of delivery. After a change of innings we talked about which batter would make a call depending on where the ball went after being bowled. Lily-Mae excelled with this, she was very aware of when to run and how many runs were realistic. The girls continued to show a good batting display throughout their innings. The player of the match would be Chloe after she showed fantastic shot placement picking up a few boundaries when batting and showing good discipline with her bowling. Overall a fantastic game of cricket for the girls to enjoy. Well done girls!!

Mr Green

U10 Girls A Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

A great afternoon of cricket for the U10A v Hereford Cathedral School. We won the toss and opted to field, the right call. The girls honed their bowling skills bowling 4 overs per pair. Notable bowling performances from Lucia, Mia and Immie (keeping the opposition’s score below 5 in each of their overs). At the change of innings we chatted about going for every shot from any ball and calling yes, no or wait. The girls rose to the occasion and ran for many 1s when there was the opportunity to do so. Liv was great at placing the ball between the fielders and the best shot was undoubtedly from Mea who scored a 6! They carried on in the same vein until the end, winning 389 to 337. Well done girls a superb first match!

Mr Green

U10 Mixed Softball Cricket v Hereford Cathedral School

The U10 mixed softball cricket team had a fantastic match against Hereford Cathedral School. It was wonderful to be back on the school playing fields in the warm sunshine and both teams displayed great sportsmanship. Every member of the team had a chance to bowl, wicket keep and bat 2 overs. There was a massive improvement in the pupils’ bowling and batting skills. Although King’s St Alban’s scored more runs, including two 4s, Hereford Cathedral School took a couple more wickets (-5 runs each time) and were the eventual winners. The final score was 27-20.

Mrs Hand