King's Hawford

16 November

Year 3 take part in Egypt Day

Our Year 3 children kick started the week by taking part in a thrilling Egypt Day. The day saw our children tasked with exploring clues hidden around the school to understand what life was really like in ancient Egypt, where pyramids, tombs and hieroglyphics were waiting to be discovered and explored.

Our children were first sent on a mission. Mr Stigant revealed that a spy has been in touch with him and they need the children’s help to uncover an ancient mystery, and the key to the puzzle was inside the school. Our children showed immense bravery exploring a hidden, ancient ‘tomb’ in our school building. They then used their problem solving clues to decode hieroglyphics messages.

Each of our keen explorers donned headbands made of bandages as they learnt about the mummification process. Our children were shocked to hear about some of the methods ancient Egyptians used to dry or embalm the bodies before wrapping them in bandages. To show our children what that could look like one brave classmate volunteered to be ‘mummified’ for the morning by Mr Stigant.

Our children loved getting hands on with all the different activities hosted on the day. At King’s Hawford, We believe that children learn from a range of experiences, and we’re committed to bringing the curriculum to life with exciting, dynamic, and varied learning both inside and outside of the classroom.