King's Hawford

4 February

Fun with Numbers for Maths Day

Last Friday (29th January) we managed to bring the whole school community together to participate in Maths Day. Although it looked a little different to previous events as we continue to deliver our remote learning programme, we were still able to celebrate our love of Maths and have a little fun with numbers.

Our teaching staff planned their lessons to include a Maths theme and subject specific lessons were adjusted and linked to Maths where possible.  The children also enjoyed the opportunity to wear a top featuring a number instead of school uniform.

Highlights included an egg-citing and egg-ucational activity for our Year 6 children, who were given the challenge to create a prototype environment for a flock of 100 laying hens which had to incorporate certain elements to help the hens remain happy and healthy. They had to provide accurate measurements, with clear units of measure, to detail how large their environment would need to be. The children were given a variety of options of how to build their designs, from Lego to Minecraft to recycled materials to outdoor creations!

“This is the best challenge I’ve ever done!” Arthur, Year 6


In Year 4 the children gathered statistics on the endangered species that we are adopting as a school and created Top Trump cards with the crucial facts and figures.

Meanwhile in pre-prep, the children learnt all about symmetry and created some delightful symmetrical butterflies. In Year 1, inspired by an Oliver Jeffers story ‘The Great Paper Caper’, the children used a piece of recycled paper to create a paper aeroplane and then chose their own standard or non-standard unit of measure to measure the distance it travelled.

We love our themed days here at Hawford, and now more than ever they help to bring us together as a school community. It’s been amazing to see how the theme has been interpreted across our year groups and to see the children so engaged in their activities.

Amanda Marshall-Walker

Maths Coordinator