King's St Alban's

16 October

Grow Your Mind (GYM) Homework

We have received a bumper crop of GYM (Grow Your Mind) Homework this week!

GYM stands for Grow Your Mind and for one weekend each half term pupils from Nursery to Year 6 choose a homework activity to complete from age appropriate grids.

The children have been incredibly imaginative and have impressed us with a huge variety of projects including detailed diagrams and instructions of inventions of the future, timetable board games, a Mars space station design, learning magic card tricks, as well as creating and competing in a family Olympics.

One child wrote a letter to Tesco about food poverty, and another posted a letter to a loved one. Some children learnt to say hello in different languages and others chose to create artwork resulting in some beautiful collages using natural items. There was even an obstacle course created for a child’s goats!

Well done, everyone! We’ve loved seeing all your hard work. For many children, it was their first GYM homework and you could tell the level of pride and care our children put into their work. King’s St Alban’s has been running GYM homework for around two years and we feel it helps children develop their skills and passions outside the classroom, as well as giving them a sense of ownership to their work.

Homework is something that is introduced gradually and slowly for our children in order to prepare them for life at Senior School, as well as getting them to foster a love of learning outside of school. Headteacher, Richard Chapman, also spoke about the importance of GYM homework during this week’s A View from the Quad video, which can be watched here