King's Hawford

21 January

New Heads of School Announced

This week Mrs Phillips announced our new Heads of School for the Spring Term – Fletcher and Millie. The start of a new term means the appointment of a new Student Leadership Team here at King’s Hawford. Fletcher and Millie take over the roles of Heads of School from Amelia and Florrie.

Fletcher is a popular and responsible member of the Year group. He has been at King’s Hawford for seven years and has a genuine love of the school that is clear to see. Fletcher originally applied to be a Sports Prefect, as he is a talented athlete and a great team player.  However, the staff all agreed that he would be an excellent role model to the younger children and would be able to demonstrate his collegiate leadership style when managing the Prefect team.

Fletcher is open to new challenges and has a great sense of fun.

Millie has been at Hawford for less than a year, but she has jumped into life at the school with both feet! Her confidence has developed, and she has demonstrated huge empathy and consideration of her peers. Millie was extremely surprised to be chosen to be a Head of School, but her peers were extremely supportive and encouraging. Millie has demonstrated her commitment to the school on the sports field and is a positive influence in the classroom too.

The staff are confident that these two pupils will be excellent figureheads for the school. Congratulations on your appointment as Heads of School.