King's St Alban's

30 April

History Man brings Ancient Egypt to life

On Monday morning Year 3 had a fantastic, educational morning, full of laughs and learning, with David Cadle, the History Man.

They started by learning about how the land became desert (deshert) and why people came to settle in Egypt, or as the children now know it ‘Eeee-Geee-Why-Pee-Tee’ (they should never forget how to spell it!).

They discovered how the Egyptians developed a way to measure straight lines, using the ‘cubit’ and a right angle measurer and this is why so much of the world’s architecture is based around squares and straight lines.

The History Man really brought history to life for Year 3, teaching them about the kingdoms of Egypt, religious rituals and how the pyramids began, in the form of step pyramids. It is believed there are about 120 pyramids that have been discovered, but the most important people in society had huge (‘insanely large’!) pyramids, with Pharaoh Joser being the first to have an enormous pyramid built.

The children then went on to look at tools and weapons and discovered that copper was one of the earliest metals, utilised by the Ancient Egyptians. Then came bronze (copper mixed with tin) which Ancient Egyptians used to invent the sword. Meanwhile, farmers had simple tools, such as pickaxes, made from wood, for digging in the mud.

The children were fascinated when it came to the topic of burying the dead and the famous ‘mummies’! They found out that the rich people in society had a sarcophagus made, with spells on the outside, written in hieroglyphics, to protect them in the afterlife. The gruesome topic of ‘mummification’ seemed to prove an absolute favourite! The children discovered how tombs for the rich were damp, making the bodies mouldy (yuck!) and this is why the organs were removed and put into canopic jars; the process of mummification was a religious ritual, taking 70 days in total.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop, dressing up and handling artefacts (in a Covid-safe way!). They discovered a plethora of facts about the location, the land, the people and daily life in Ancient Egyptian times. These kind of workshops are a perfect example of our school’s aim for children to enjoy a wide, varied, and interesting curriculum, to motivate and inspire a love of learning. A fun-filled, educational morning was enjoyed by all.