King's St Alban's

14 January

Year 5 explore journey from childhood to adulthood.

Earlier this week pupils in Year 5 welcomed Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) specialist, Jonny Hunt. As an independent Relationship and Sex Education consultant, Jonny is adept at supporting teachers in curriculum delivery, working face-to-face with children of various ages.

Focussing on the journey from childhood to adulthood, Jonny engaged with pupils to determine the level of the cohort’s understanding for the subject as a starter for ten. Pupils were able to share what they knew about puberty in a comfortable forum with their peers, both male and female, and their teachers, before Jonny led an informative and interactive workshop.

The interactive workshop explored the science of hormones, how and why our emotions are affected, as well as the physical changes that occur as a child goes from childhood into adulthood. Pupils both in the classroom and those joining the workshop online asked a whole host of mature questions, impressing both the Year 5 teachers and Jonny.

Through the utilisation of large felt people (which looked much like Fuzzy Felt characters!), Jonny talked about public and private behaviour as well as personal boundaries. By exploring the characters known as ‘Autumn’ and ‘Brian’, pupils were able not only to interact but to have a visual idea of the body as it journeys through puberty: the lumps, bumps and hairy bits as Jonny referred to them. The characters also ensured that there was an element of good fun brought to the subject.

Jonny went on to impress upon the pupils the importance of learning about the journey for both boys and girls and the need to be considerate and understand what their peers may be feeling. As the session drew to its conclusion, Jonny advised that above all “being kind” to one another is essential.

Thanks to Jonny, the pupils will now have a firm understanding of the subject as they progress through the classroom curriculum over the coming terms.