King's St Alban's

13 March

King’s St Alban’s Sports Round-up 13.03.2020


On Tuesday we took 19 pupils from Year 5 and 6 to compete in the West Midlands Qualilying Round of the ESSA 26th Primary Schools’ Swim Team Relay Championships in Malvern College pool. We entered 8 races and we swam against Colwall and Ashperton School. Our pupils shone at the event, showing their knowledge and confidence in this type of competitive situation. A real credit to Mrs Woodger.

We were delighted at how they all performed. They were met with difficulties to overcome due to the pool. With no diving blocks they had to adapt to diving off a slippery side of the pool and into a pool where the water was level with the top, they were resilient and unphased and adapted brilliantly. In this competition everything goes down to times and our competetors knew even if they were way out infront they had to swim their fastest to finish and they did this so well.

Well done to all our swimmers!

Boys Football

KSA U11A v RGS The Grange

The U11 boys travelled over to RGS and were involved in a very tough fixture. It was good to see both teams playing impressive passing football. In this game we played without the retreat rule for the first time and we struggled to work out how to play the ball out from our goal kicks, we will work on this in our games lessons and football clubs. When we were on the attack, James, Peter and Henry G played the ball quickly to each other and worked the ball around the defenders well. Once again Max was excellent in defence, making several important tackles to keep RGS out. It was a tough game against strong opponents but it was impressive to see the boys keep working hard and trying to play passing football from the back.

KSA U11B v RGS The Grange

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon we travelled to RGS the grange for what felt like our first fixture in a long time! Our U11 B team set up with a formation of 2-3-1 to target width and enable as many crosses into the box as possible. Oscar S, George F and Xander S had some brilliant passages of play and each of them scored in the first half to make it 3-0. Second half started very quickly and Oscar St found himself with plenty of space and showed composure in finding the side of the net.  As the second half came to an end we started to tire and conceded two cheap goals. However, a particular mention goes to Danny Z. It was his first ever football fixture and he played with bravery and confidence! Well done boys.

KSA U11C v RGS The Grange

The U11Cs took on RGS U11Cs in a brilliant game. Ethan did really well in goal to make sure the KSA boys kept a clean sheet with the help of George P’s solid defensive performance. George G, Henry L and Mohamed all got themselves on the scoresheet with 4 well worked team goals. Well done to all the boys on a really good performance!

U10 v RGS The Grange

Quite possibly, one of the best and most mature performances from an U10 boys football team Mr Benham has seen. Every single KSA boy shone and played some excellent football, along with showing great energy and willingness to win the ball. Many congratulations to them all for their outstanding display.

KSA U9 v RGS The Grange

The boys had an enjoyable afternoon of football at RGS the Grange. Everyone got a chance to play in a variety of positions and the team managed to keep their shape a bit better, as the game progressed. There was some good passing by Ollie, nice running down the left by Lex, a brilliant save by Aiden and two well-taken goals by Jack. One of those was an excellent move, started from own area and involving at least four players, with some nice passing into space. Another good forward step taken.

KSA U8 v RGS The Grange

The King’s St Alban’s U8s have been showing great progression this term with their football skills in our games lessons and football clubs. In this game against RGS, the KSA boys played some of the best football that I have seen them play so far this term. They consistently took their time with the ball and looked up to try and make a pass to a player in space. My target for the boys before the game was to always think about where they are and where they should be on the pitch, with or without the ball! I am proud of the boys, as I could see every single one of them trying to stay in position even if they weren’t involved in every single phase of play, which I know everyone finds difficult at this age!! Ralph D listened to every instruction that I gave him and his positioning was good, finding lots of space on the right of midfield.  Harry B played superb in defence and his attitude never fails to impress, he made several last ditch tackles to stop what would have potentially led to a goal. Peter U played through the middle and did well to control the game, he impressed with his composure on the ball and the way he switches the ball from side to side with ease. Well done to all the boys in a game where we showed good character to never give up and work hard to the final whistle!

Girls Netball

U11A Netball v RGS The Grange

There was some super play by the U11A team on Wednesday. It was their last match for KSA and they really put into practice what they had learnt this term. It was a well organised team timing their runs successfully. Ava was excellent playing centre and then goal attack scoring 2 goals. However, RGS were the stronger team and much of our play was down in the defensive end. Harriet, Lily and Pia had their work cut out and Harriet made some super interceptions. The final score was 2-9 to RGS The Grange with Ava being awarded players’ player. Well done girls, a super match to end your netball at KSA.

U11B Netball v RGS The Grange

After a shaky start the U11B team, soon settled into their game, remembering much of what they had been taught this term. It was a fairly even game until the third quarter when RGS were on target with their shots on goal. We fought back with Juliet scoring one but RGS were overall the stronger team, final score 1-5 to RGS The Grange. Well done to Piper for getting players’ player, a well deserved title and she fought for every ball that came her way, well done!

U10B Netball v RGS The Grange

Amazing! What a performance to finish the season on. The girls were tenacious and determined, any loose ball was theirs. Their movement of the ball was quick, with the girls movement on court showing excellent progress. Maheen used her height and made some excellent interceptions to turn over the possession. Izzy worked the D well with Evie P to get each other into good shooting positions. Olivia was a little ‘terrier’ on court, weaving in and out of players to get into space. Emily is probably one of the most improved players this season and she was a delight to watch on court, she reads the game well and identifies the right space to move into. Henri is more like a ‘Rottweiler’ on court, keeping tight to her player and stopping her getting the ball into the D. Melissa shows great potential with excellent footwork and quick to change direction to get into space. Evie P took a little time to sort out her player but then she marked her well and went onto make some good interceptions.

Well done!

U8A & B Netball v RGS The Grange

The girls had a great last game of netball on Tuesday afternoon. They played the new ‘Stingers’ game and have now really settled into it. All the Year 3 girls played well, trying hard to use the skills they have been taught. Shooting was much better as we have practised that in club. Final score 4-2 for the A team and 3-1 for the B team to KSA. Well done to Emily and Penny for getting player of the match on their respective teams. A great way to end the last game of the season, well done!