King's St Alban's

1 December

Pupils Enjoy a Toe-tapping Performance

Monday mornings can often be a quiet or sleepy affair! Nothing could be further from the truth at King’s St Alban’s: at the end of playtime on Monday morning, the cold wintery air was filled with the sound of Bagpipes! Junior School children were treated to an open air bagpipe blast to commemorate St Andrew’s Day. Our piper was the immensely talented Euan Chalmers, who is currently a bass choral scholar at Worcester Cathedral. He delivered a truly inspirational performance on this unique instrument, the medley included the Bonnie Dundee, Scotland the Brave, and The Clumsy Lover.

Euan is a great role model for our children; he played from memory and displayed the results of many years of dedicated practice.

“Coming from Suffolk, the bagpipes seemed an unlikely instrument to pick up. In spite of this I have now been playing the pipes for 8 years after I received a set for Christmas. They’re strepitous and strenuous to practise, but being able to play for people again on St Andrew’s Day was great fun.” 

The Scottish Highland Bagpipes are an iconic part of Scottish music and culture; traditionally St Andrew’s Day is celebrated with bagpipe parades and energetic jigs. Many children were mesmerised by Euan’s playing and others enthusiastically joined in with jovial dances around the playground. Bagpipe playing is rarely a quiet affair; children and teachers alike seemed to enjoy this rather grand celebration to the end of playtime!