King's St Alban's

12 May

Pupils wowed at lunchtime recital.

The pupils of King’s St Alban’s are very fortunate that our city-centre location gives us easy access to a range of exciting cultural events. The lunchtime recital series in Worcester Cathedral has become increasingly popular since it resumed post-COVID and we are lucky that our close proximity to the Cathedral means that we can attend these concerts on a regular basis.

On Thursday, a group of Year 4 and Year 5 pupils attended a recital given by four talented harp students from The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Katie, Holli, Anya and Stien are clearly experienced performers and they wowed the children with their accomplished playing. Mortimer (Year 5) has been learning the harp for some time, but for the rest of the group this was a good opportunity to find out a little more about this beautiful instrument. Our very own Mrs Haggarty, herself a professional harpist, was on hand to answer the children’s questions. The children were wowed by the range and versatility of the instrument (it isn’t just played by angels sitting on clouds!) and thoroughly enjoyed hearing pieces by composers as diverse as Hindemith (voted “challenging”), Fauré, Bach and Dussek (this was a firm favourite).

The children’s exemplary behaviour was commented on by several members of the audience, and as a result of this they were invited to meet the performers after the concert. They were even invited to play the harp! As one pupil put it, “It was really good! I didn’t know what to expect, but I am really glad I came!” After the lunchtime recital, the children made the most of the temperate weather and enjoyed a sunny picnic in the quad; this was a wonderful way to spend our lunchbreak!