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12 November

Remembrance Day at King’s

King’s marked Remembrance Day on Thursday 11th November 2021.

The service in College Hall saw us joined by OV Major Andrew Wright RA (Cr 92-03). At King’s, Andy was an active member of the School community. He enjoyed Himalayan Club treks as well as playing rugby and being a member of the CCF. In his final year, he was made a Monitor. On leaving King’s Andy went to Imperial College London, where he studied Aeronautical Engineering. He joined the British Army in 2008 and deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2011, where he was in charge of the delivery of close air support and fire support for a group of 120 soldiers. He has since progressed through a number of roles and exercised from Canada to Australia. Last year he returned to Afghanistan, this time to Kabul, where he was in charge of training, advising and assisting Afghan Special Security Forces in the capital and surrounds. Andy is currently seconded to the Cabinet Office, where he is a Planning Team Lead in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat; his focus is on developing and assuring winter resilience plans across government departments with a particular focus on protests, borders and transport.

Remembrance Day at King's OV Andy Wright speaking


During the service a wreath was laid on behalf of the current pupil body by Heads of School Josh and Charlotte and another on behalf of former pupils of the School by OV Adam Winter (Cl 84-94 ), who is also the Head of Estates at King’s. Andy Wright gave a thought provoking and poignant address, focussing on individual stories of soldiers, especially talking about the importance of comradeship and friendship. He talked about various examples of bravery, men and women risking their life for their fellow soldiers, for their friends. Andy finished with words by ‘Woodbine Willy’, “There are many kinds of sorrow in this world of Love and Hate, but there is no sterner sorrow than a soldier’s for his mate.” You can watch the service here.

King's Remembrance Day Adam Winter Andy Wright GED Andrew Maund Charlotte and Josh

Andy enjoyed coffee with Headmaster Gareth Doodes, Director of Development Liz Elliott, and Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan. A tour of School followed and Andy was delighted to bump into former teacher Richard Davis (Hon OV) and also to see new facilities on site such as the Keyes building as well as a trip to the Annett Building (or ‘new block’ as Andy remembers it!), where he was based as Creighton House when he was at School.

Remembrance Day at King's Bugler in College Hall

The afternoon saw a moving occasion as OV guests joined us on College Green for prayers and a CCF roll call of honour, where we especially remembered fallen OVs from anniversary years with cadets reading the names, regiments and dates for those OVs.

Remembrance Day at King's CCF Parade Remembrance Day at King's OVs at the CCF Parade

We look forward very much to a return to a more ‘normal’ Remembrance Day at King’s in the future, however this was a hugely special occasion and we are grateful to everyone in the King’s community for the part they played in marking the occasion with us.

Remembrance Day at King's OV Andy Wright with Sophie Borrillo-McLellan and Liz Elliott