King's St Alban's

25 May

Science Week: Ecologists for the day!

As part of a Year 6 carousel experience, this week 6HM have embraced Science Week. Led by Mrs Ricketts, the cohort have been getting to grips with the differing ways in which they can catch invertebrates. From sweep nets to pooters, there was much hilarity as they tested their tree beating skills! Moving on, the group delved into understanding the impact of humans on invertebrate populations by collecting invertebrates from a cultivated lawn. A visit to the Chapter Meadows proved to be particularly lucrative for finding a range of invertebrates!

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed being out of the classroom and in the great outdoors whilst taking on the role of ecologists for the day. They were genuinely delighted by the variety of invertebrates that they were able to collect – noting a huge difference in the numbers collected across the two different locations. They concluded that it was a good excuse not to mow our lawns!

It was lucky that the weather was on our side (in the end); invertebrates are difficult to find in the rain! And clearly our Year 6 pupils had a brilliant experience, given the comments which included, “It’s one of the best lessons I’ve had”, “It was my dream lesson” and “I wish all lessons were like this!” Mrs Ricketts assures us that she didn’t bribe them!

Science Week is one element of the Year 6 carousel experience, which also sees our most senior pupils explore the great works of Shakespeare and take part in a residential at the Old Chapel, located in gloriously remote Mid-Wales.