King's Hawford

25 April

Summer Term Prefect Team Announced.

Back in September 2021, King’s Hawford introduced a Pupil Leadership Team. Met with huge enthusiasm, the Pupils Leadership Team is made up of the Heads of School together with a number of Prefects representing different aspects of life at King’s Hawford.

Modelled on the selection process in place for School Monitors at “Big King’s”, all Year 6 pupils were invited to submit an application for their chosen role by way of a handwritten letter outlining the reason/s they feel that they are suitable for the role.

Appointed on a termly basis, the appointments for the Summer Term are as follows. The roles of Heads of School have been taken up by Eva M and Fabian W. Bella M and Florence B will become Academic Prefects,  James R and Joe F our Sports Prefects, Eden G and Anya R Performance and Arts and Bertie D and Molly W Citizenship Prefects.

Eva (Head of School) enjoys helping others be that pupils or teachers. Eva understands the importance of responsibility and is keen to fulfil the role to the best of her abilities at all times. Eva has recently started learning sign language and hopes to be able share her skills with others.

Fabian (Head of School) believes he is a good role model, is always kind to others and is always willing to help. Fabian is looking forward to setting a good example to others and hopes to have the opportunity to show prospective parents his school at our forthcoming open events. Fabian is a keen sportsman and has taken part in lots of school activities, representing the school on the sports field alongside taking part in several school productions.

Bella (Academic Prefect), in her short time at King’s Hawford, Bella has developed a strong relationship with staff and pupils alike. Bella is a keen learner and likes to challenge herself, she has recently started learning several different languages and has relished the opportunity to take up hockey. Bella enjoys helping others and is the first to volunteer to help staff and pupils when needed.

Florence (Academic Prefect) is an amazing listener, keen to help her peers with any problems they may have. She is kind and works extremely hard at all times, recently receiving an Academic Exhibition to King’s Worcester. Florence throws herself into everything King’s Hawford has to offer and has already achieved ten badges and is well on the way to achieving the final four.

James (Sports Prefect) loves playing and watching all sports, spending his weekends playing football outside of school. He relishes the sports lessons at King’s Hawford encouraging his teammates to keep going at all times. James works hard in and out of the classroom.

Joe (Sports Prefect) is a member of the school’s first team in all sports and is always keen to help the sports teachers in setting up drills. Joe is the first to encourage his teammates to try their hardest demonstrating excellent leadership skills. Outside of school, Joe plays football and cricket.

Eden (Performance and Arts Prefect) loves King’s Hawford and has achieved a vast amount and discovered so many amazing things since joining the school in Year 4. Eden loves volunteering, is a Head of the Eco Council and is full of ideas. Eden is able to think on her feet and has been known to step into the breach for readings in Worcester Cathedral and the school plays. Eden has been playing the violin since she was five years old and has recently taken up the clarinet, with such a musical ability Eden is a valuable member of the school’s orchestra.

Anya (Performance and Arts Prefect) – is always willing to help teachers, and loves supporting the younger pupils at King’s Hawford. Anya is confident, speaking and performing in assemblies and school productions. Anya has worked extremely hard to achieve her activity badges and wants to inspire others to follow suit. Anya believes that she has learnt a lot in Year 6 and is ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities in her new role.

Bertie D (Citizenship Prefect) – believes the qualities a Citizenship Prefect should have include thoughtfulness, determination, kindness, respectful, positivity and being a good role model, all of which Bertie looks forward to demonstrating in his new role.

Molly W (Citizenship Prefect) – is super keen part of the school leadership team, and is delighted to have been selected this term. She is kind and helpful, and is especially good at looking after and supporting the younger pupils.