King's Hawford

6 July

The King’s Hawford Apache Relay

2021 may have taken a great deal from us, but we will fondly look back on it as the year that gave us something back – The King’s Hawford Apache Relay.

Former Hawfordians may well remember the Hawford Apache, an exciting event that sees Years 3 – 6 racing around the school, taking on challenges in the pool, the trampoline, the sports fields, the hard surface, and even the climbing wall. It really is an event like no other, with the children competing in their houses to take the win.

Once your challenge has been performed, the race is on to run to the next station to deliver the baton to the next person. With 33 challenges to complete, the first House to cross the finish line after the final task is the winner.

Whether your task is to do three laps of the swimming pool in breaststroke, clear 1 metre high over the high jump, or perform a routine on the trampoline showing three different skills, everyone has a part to play.

Gemma Holtham, Head of Girls’ Games and Activities Leader at King’s Hawford, devised the 2021 Hawford Apache Relay. She said: “I’m absolutely delighted to see the return of the Apache Relay. It’s fun, it’s intense, and it’s a great way of bringing the whole school together whilst having a great deal of fun.

With so many challenges to complete, there really is something for everyone and it’s a great way of teaching the children about the value of team work.”

The leader board was changing throughout the event but the first house back across the line was Kinver. There was a battle for second place but Bredon secured it in the end, followed by Clent in third place and Malvern in fourth place.

Congratulations to all of our competitors and supporters – the Apache Relay is BACK!