King's Hawford

27 June

Special visitor inspires the next generation.

On Friday we welcomed a very special surprise guest to King’s Hawford. Charlotte M is currently the Head of School at King’s Worcester. Having finished her final A-level exam on Friday morning, Charlotte chose to head to Hawford for a final music lesson.

It was such a lovely treat to welcome Charlotte back to the school. Charlotte started her school journey at King’s Hawford Kindergarten when she was just two years old. A lot has changed in the 16 years since she first arrived at Hawford and on her return she was amused to note how small the school seemed from how she remembered it. Charlotte commented, “Hawford is a really special place; it is great to come back to take a look around and to meet with some of my old teachers”.

Charlotte has very fond memories of her time at King’s Hawford. It is clear from speaking with Charlotte that she fully embraced everything that was on offer. It was the co-curricular opportunities that Charlotte believes shaped the person that she has become.

There were always so many opportunities to get involved with different things. I have found that the skills I picked up have been easily transferred to other things I have encountered. Being in Year 6 meant we were top of the school and that gives you a level of responsibility and a taste of leadership. It was a great experience to have.

Charlotte M

Head Girl, King's Worcester

During her sports lessons in Year 3 she was introduced to hockey, a sport that she admits didn’t come naturally to start with. However with the support of the school’s games staff and a lot of hard-work and dedication her Charlotte’s part she quickly improved and found herself a regular member of the ‘A’ team. Her hard work and dedication continued and during her final year at King’s Senior Charlotte has the led the school’s 1st XV as team captain.

Off the sports pitch Charlotte is a talented clarinet player. Her love of music was ignited at King’s Hawford and Charlotte threw herself into all of the wonderful musical opportunities that came her way. She started playing the clarinet at King’s Hawford and her passion for music has extended into the Senior School.

Charlotte’s advice to pupils at Hawford would be to “get involved with as many things as possible, try your hand at everything. It’s character building and will shape the person you become as you move up the school”.

Next year Charlotte plans to attend the University of Cambridge to study Medicine. We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Charlotte back to King’s Hawford today. She is a brilliant ambassador for the school and we wish her every success for the future.