King's Hawford

11 March

Year 1’s ‘Egg’citing Week

Year 1 have had a busy and enjoyable week! This half of term has seen them welcome three new friends to Year 1 with the arrival of Bruce, Fern and Isaac. All of the children have been very welcoming and it’s always wonderful to have new friends!

This week in RE Year 1 have focused on the Easter Story, this inspired the classes to make Palm Sunday leaves.

In maths the children have been continuing their work on length and height. In their lessons this week they have used unifix cubes to measure items in the classroom. The children worked hard to take the measurements and record them.

The focus in English this week has been punctuation. The children have worked hard using capital letters, full stops, question marks and connective words in their written work.

A few weeks back the children planted sunflower seeds, this week there was a great deal of excitement as the seeds have started to shoot! In their science lessons the children have been recording the seeds’ growth in plant diaries.

Farmer Rob zoomed in to talk with the children this week. Following on from their sunflower success, the children were very keen to hear all about the crops that Farmer Rob grows. The meeting inspired the children to use the skills they learnt in English this week to construct questions to send to Farmer Rob.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their time in Forest School. Over the past few weeks the children have been getting hands on and using different tools. Last week they crafted tree cookies and this week they used drills to bore holes into their cookies.

In Geography the children have been learning more about their topic: Africa! This week that meant comparing hot and cold climates. To help the children visual the differences the classes helped pack a suitcase for a holiday in a hot climate as well as a suitcase for a holiday in a cold climate.

There was some super swimming on display in their weekly PE lesson this week. Miss Holtham and Mrs Beech were incredibly proud of the whole of Year 1 as all swimmers managed to complete lengths of the pool without a fin for support! A fantastic achievement – well done Year 1!

The highlight of the week for many in Year 1 was the arrival of 24 eggs. The eggs will be hatched at school thanks to Mrs Bradley. The children handled the eggs very gently and are excited to meet the new arrivals in 21 ish days time!

Year 1 have continued to impress their teachers with their brilliant attitudes and zest for learning. Keep it up Year 1!