King's Hawford

10 March

Spring has Sprung

It has felt very much like Spring at school this week. The daffodils and crocuses are springing up around the site, the mornings and evenings are getting lighter by the day and the trees are springing back to life. We have also welcomed some very special visitors to school this week.

On Tuesday, Mrs John surprised our Early Years children with a visit from four-week-old Gary the Lamb. Gary and Mrs John spent time in Kindergarten 2, where the children were able to pet Gary and ask Mrs John plenty of questions. The children learnt a great deal about Gary, including what he likes to drink, where he sleeps and whether or not he has his own TV (he does not). After bidding farewell to the children in Kindergarten 2, Mrs John and Gary popped outside to the Kindergarten Courtyard, where members of Kindergarten 1 took it in turns to meet Gary. It was a heartening moment to watch Gary gleefully skip around the courtyard with our youngest children.

Whilst Gary was in the courtyard, a number of KG2 children were hard at work drawing pictures of Gary and Mrs John, which they proudly presented to the pair before they departed the Kindergarten building.

Gary and Mrs John then made their way up to Reception, where the children sat beautifully still whilst Gary explored Miss Lane’s classroom. Again, the children were full of brilliant questions and facts for Mrs John. The children were very knowledgeable and thoroughly enjoyed Gary’s visit.

Next up Gary headed down to the playground to be reunited with Emily and Annabel, his surrogate mums, who have done such a wonderful job of hand-rearing Gary. It was a delight to watch Gary and the children play together! Gary the Lamb has won a legion of fans at King’s Hawford. so thank you to Mrs John, Emily and Annabel!

If that wasn’t enough Spring cuteness for the week, Pre-Prep took delivery of some very special new arrivals. 24 eggs have arrived to be hatched at school. Year 1 handled the eggs very gently and really enjoyed putting them in the incubator. We hope in around 21 days to have some pictures of our Pre-Prep pupils with some cute, fluffy chicks to share with you all!.