King's St Alban's

8 October

Year 2 take a step back in time.

On Monday 5th October, as part of our current castles topic, Year 2, took a step back in time on a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle. It was a beautiful, autumnal, sunny day and we arrived excited and eager to explore! We admired the stunning castle as we approached it on foot and we named the parts of the castle that we have been learning about in our topic lessons, such as the battlements and arrow slits. The children quickly spotted the entrance to the castle, the iron gate called the portcullis, and they were excited to have their photograph taken under there. As we entered the castle grounds we decided to explore the KingMaker displays inside the castle, where we looked at lots of waxwork statues of men and women preparing for a battle. We then headed into the Great Hall, where we saw knights in full jousting armour and a table with a mock banquet.

We walked over to the Falconers Quest for lunch, where we watched a magnificent bird display; we watched a range of birds of prey including a sea eagle, a condor, a barn owl and hawks fly in front of us. The favourite of many of the children was a Peregrine Falcon called Flash, who swooped quickly over all of our heads! We were also amazing at the finale when about 20 hawks took to the sky, diving down for food that their handler was throwing up to them. It really was a spectacular sight!

After lunch we climbed up 500 steps of winding stairs to the top of the tallest tower. When we reached the top, we admired the view below and imagined what it would have been like for the soldiers defending their castle. Finally, we decided to embark on the challenge of the Horrible Histories Maze, where we had to collect different stamps, as we discovered different periods of time in the maze. We got lost several times, but we worked as a team to eventually find the correct path!

There were some very tired, but happy children on the bus journey back to school. We all had a fantastic day to step back in time, explore and discover what it would have been really like to live in a castle.