King's St Alban's

18 November

Year 4 Times Tables Day

Year 4 started a new initiative on Wednesday, with a day dedicated to times tables in maths, English, science, art and IT.  In order to improve the rapid recall of their times tables, the children began the day with a variety of games, including X factor, magic wands and card games.

Then it was time to write an alien story located on their imaginary 13th planet.  The children had to include tables in their writing, for example “Uncoiling 3 of its green tentacles, the aliens touched 6 humans with each tentacle, so that 18 humans were caught in their slimy grip.”  In science they looked at skin cells under the microscope, working out the magnification each time and in art, they used good old fashioned painting-by-numbers, but with a twist!  The children had to use their knowledge of times tables to work out which sections needed colouring in to create the picture.

Finally they played multiplication grand prix on the iPads.  It was a great day, with lots of learning and the children are looking forward to applying their knowledge in future maths lessons.