King's Hawford

29 March

Year 6 take on the DT Crumble Challenge

We were delighted to see the children back in our DT studio during the last few weeks of term and taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in some practical activities.

Year 6 have enjoyed a particularly innovative project, having been set the challenge to make a carousel ride that could safely accommodate two Playmobil characters. The design had to include seat belts to keep the characters safe and secure, and the children had to demonstrate their ability to power the carousel in a number of ways. Firstly, with a hand crank, then with a battery powered motor, and finally with a Crumble – a mini processor that can be programmed to control a device. They also had to programme the Crumble to include sparkles to light up the carousel.

As part of the project, the children researched a number of options to learn about different components. They explored samples made out of Lego and K-Nex, and studied a number of videos and photos to learn about different designs and features.

They worked in pairs to design their carousel before starting their own build. During the final week of term they were able to test their carousels, a vital stage in any DT project and one which differentiates it from an arts and crafts project. If the Playmobil characters stayed in their seats, the children had succeeded in their task.

We are very proud of how the children engaged with the brief and worked together in their teams. Well done to all involved.