King's St Alban's

17 September

Year 6 Wise-up!

Team building was the focus of the day for the Year 6 cohort last Tuesday. Wise-Up Events set out a host of intriguing puzzles on the playground for our children to solve. As the day progressed, the children were also provided with clues as to the whereabouts of a certain Kevin the Llama, who had been kidnapped by persons unknown.

The challenges were varied in nature. One featured a variety of large, irregular flat shapes. The children had to pass these shapes from the rear to the front of their group and use them as stepping-stones across the tarmac. The fact that the shapes were all different sizes made life tricky when the biggest shape had to be sent to the front of the line, the resulting lack of space causing some disastrous wobbles! Another task was the Helium Hoop. Groups had to rest a large hoop on top of their index fingers, then lower the hoop to the ground as a team. Anyone who has tried a similar challenge will know that it is not at all easy: the hoop seems to develop a mind of its own. One child insisted that the hoop must be haunted! Rolling balls around a giant assault course with holes in the bottom proved another stimulating problem, demanding fine team motor skills.

The pupils learnt how to work together without necessarily resorting to who can shout the loudest; they began to adopt better listening skills. They learnt to consult all members of the team in a bid to find the best solutions. And they showed perseverance, that vital ingredient so central to a healthy Growth Mindset. They even managed to crack the conundrum as to the whereabouts of Kevin the Llama (he was being held against his will in Worcester). A really enjoyable day was had by all and our thanks go to the Wise-up team for providing a superb day.