King's Hawford

7 October

Year 4’s Rainforest experience

Year 4 children have been learning about rainforests in their Humanities lessons this term. On Monday, they were treated to a visit from the ‘Rainforest Man‘. It was an informative and engaging visit with the children getting the opportunity to learn about and touch various animals that are found in the different layers of the rainforests. Animals included: insects, amphibians, arachnids and reptiles. Favourites of the children included the leaf insect (which looks exactly like a green leaf), the tree frog which climbed on Miss Lake’s interactive whiteboards, a tarantula, the stick insect which had been silently hiding on one of the display boards for about an hour before children realised, and of course the snake! The children then had a presentation, full of personal photos, from the Rainforest Man, recalling all of his trips to different rainforests around the world. All in all, this was a fabulous experience for the children and they will be using their knowledge of animals of the rainforest to inform their learning later on this term.