King's Hawford

31 January

A Frozen School

Today has been a chilly one at King's Hawford, but it did not deter our children from heading out to Forest School or play at break time. The children have been drawn to all the ice around the school; from the frozen bushes with magical ice crystals to the large sheets of ice floating on the water fountain. It is a new play material they have all been eager to explore.

Kindergarten enjoyed their Forest School session and had a brilliant time finding different patterns that the ice had created within nature. They all found it very exciting to see their breathe in front of them, as well as the sound the grass made as they crunched their way over to the trees. The Reception children made short work of the frozen water in their outside play trays, using different tools to break it up and finding out the best way to make it shatter.

The older children were equally as creative in their play. A small group of Year 3 children gathered as much ice as they could to create (very) miniature snowmen, suitably adorned with twig arms. Some of the Prep children found a clever way of extracting sheets of ice from the water fountain and (under supervision) found different surfaces to drop the ice onto to see how much the ice shattered. There were many red noses and hot faces as the children rushed around exploring such a familiar environment in its new form for the day.

There has been much excitement about the prospect of snow and reminiscing of the fun we all had sledging on the mound, making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate last time we had snow at Hawford. Fingers crossed for a sprinkling tonight!