King's Hawford

9 December

A Shake Rattle and Groovy Christmas

Our Kindergarten Shake, Rattle and Groovers, danced, sang and generally had a merry old time at their groovy Christmas presentation this week.  The children loved making a special video to show off their talents to mums, dads, wider families and friends this year. The children were well-rehearsed and gave performances that even the most seasoned entertainers would have been proud of. Even more importantly, they loved every minute of it.

We did not think there were many Christmas songs that didn’t get the Shake, Rattle and Groovy treatment in their 20-minute extravaganza.  Now, all we need is for everyone to gather around and watch the children in action from home.

Kindergarten children at King’s Hawford take part in Shake, Rattle and Groove sessions every week. Run by Mrs Smith, our music partner they sing familiar and traditional songs with the children as well as exploring new songs often with themes of animals.

Through the session, children engage through music and movement and explore instruments like hand drums, gathering drums, maracas, bells and tambourines.

A selection of visual aids were used such as sparkly song sacks, puppets, ribbon wands, silky scarves, pom poms and even a parachute. Mrs Smith said: “It excites me to deliver fun and interactive sessions to children and families. This week’s Christmas session was so special and allowed the Kindergarten children to really get into the Christmas spirit!”

Anna Kingston, Head of Early Years, King’s Hawford