King's Hawford

27 April

April Showers walk

April Showers walk

Reception children have been learning about Spring and baby animals. So, Miss Owens took advantage of a break in the weather on Thursday and went for an April country walk. The children were lucky enough to see a barge travelling through the lock behind Hawford and the barge owners very kindly demonstrated how the locks worked. The children were enthralled to see the water levels change with the opening of the gates.

They then continued on their walk through the buttercup fields, around to the farms behind the school. Again, the children were lucky enough to bump into the Farmer, who gladly took them to see his latest calves. This fitted in well with what they had been learning in class and helped solidify the childrens' learning. The calves mooed and behaved as only young cows could- much to the amusement of the children.

One of the advantages of Hawford being located in a rural setting means that the teachers can be spontaneous in their choice of learning environment. Learning outside of the classroom is encouraged at Hawford and this was a perfect opportunity for the Reception class to utilise this learning opportunity.