King's Hawford

17 March

British Sign Language Celebrations

This week the King’s Hawford community have celebrated Sign Language Week. At King’s Hawford we value each and every member of our school community and believe that sign language is an important skill for our pupils and staff to possess.

We kick started the week with a whole school assembly. Year 2 and Year 4 joined Mrs Phillips in The Barn whilst the rest of the school zoomed in from their classrooms. Mrs Phillips talked about the importance of sign language and why it was such a good skill to possess before demonstrating how the alphabet could be signed. Members of Year 2 joined Mrs Phillips at the front to demonstrate how they would use the alphabet to sign their names using finger spelling. Next up, Mrs Phillips introduced the school audience to common greetings including: Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening.

The whole of Year 2 then joined Mrs Phillips on stage to demonstrate their enviable sign language skills. Mr Roberts tested the children with some quick-fire words for them to sign. Year 2 have been learning to sign in class for the past couple of years in support of one their peers. It really is heart-warming to see the effort that Year 2 put into learning their signs.

After the assembly, back in the classrooms many year groups continued to expand their signing skills. The children in Reception learnt how to ask each other what their names were using signs as well as using their alphabet signs to sign out their name in response. At story time this week, Reception children have enjoyed watching signed stories and using their signing skills to join in.

The children in Year 1 have learnt the names of different animals and really impressed Miss Atwood and Mrs Leatherdale with their brilliant recall. This is an amazing effort by all of the children in Year 1.

Year 2 have continued to learn signs in each of their lessons and regularly use signs throughout the day.

In Friday’s assembly the whole school watched a signed story and attempted to join in with some of the more familiar signs.

It’s not just our pupils who have been improving their sign language skills. A number of our teachers and teaching assistants have been taking BSL lessons this term and are already using their new skills in the classrooms.

The children have been using their new skills to good effect and we have witnessed many of the children signing greetings to teachers and one another whilst out and about around school.