King's Hawford

1 December

Christmas spirit has taken hold of Hawford!

We have all embraced the start of December with many festive activities taking place around school today.

There was also a hive of activity down in the Reception outdoor area, where some of the children were busy planting, then decorating their Christmas Tree. Despite the cold, the child was very enthusiastic about their work and the end result was that very little tree can be seen under all the tinsel and decorations! Well done Reception class.

Year 1 was very excited by the special arrival of the Christmas Elf, who was delivered straight from the North Pole. He is a new Elf, who came nameless, but the children in Year 1 had a name drawn out of a hat and decided to call him Cookie. Cookie will now live in the Year 1 classrooms and return to the North Pole every evening to report back to Father Christmas how good the children are being!