King's Hawford

15 December

Festive Christmas spirit at King’s Hawford

Children at King’s Hawford have been getting into the Christmas spirit over the last couple of weeks with a series of fun and memorable festive performances.

Reception and Kindergarten Nativity

This year’s Nativity performed by Reception and Kindergarten pupils had a slight twist. You may have met some of the nativity characters before, but you will not have met Grumble: the grumpy, grumbly donkey who travels with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Our nativity involved Grumble the donkey this year, to add an interesting and humorous twist.

The pupils put on a joyous nativity performance where everyone got involved and had lots of fun. They discovered a special bundle of joy in a stable in Bethlehem and learnt about the Christmas story. The children sang, danced and acted beautifully.

“I am incredibly proud of our pupils and how they performed under unusual circumstances. Each child had a moment to shine in the spotlight and they all thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Anna Kingston, Head of Early Years

Christmas 1

Year 1 and 2 performed a great Christmas rendition of Santa’s Setbacks

Year 1 and 2 pupils took part in a filmed Christmas play this year called Santa’s Setbacks, a festive performance full of dancing and funny jokes.  In this year’s performance everything seems to be going wrong for Santa. His sleigh is broken, Rudolph has a cold, a blizzard is blowing and then he spills his tea all over himself. Will he get those presents delivered?

The children rose to the occasion and very much enjoyed the filming day. Although they couldn’t perform the show live, the children felt as though they were being filmed on a movie set and really enjoyed themselves.

“I thought the Year 2 dialogue was performed with intonation and confidence and Year 1 produced some excellent dancing and super well-timed jokes! I am very proud of all of the children’s performances and a special thanks must go to all those who helped put it together – a super team effort by King’s Hawford.”

Oliver Roberts, Head of Lower School

Christmas 3


Hawford’s Lower School Shine at Christingle

Annual tradition’s at Hawford are hugely important to the whole school community. We have done things a little differently this year but this has allowed pupils, teachers and parents to engage with our celebrations in exciting new ways that still align closely with our school values. Our Christingle presentation, saw our Lower School (Years 1-3) create a shining example of how old traditions and new ideas can combine to great effect.

Our two Year 3 classes topped the bill on this occasion, singing The Rocking Carol, a beautiful version of Away in a Manager and ending with a rousing rendition of We Wish you a Merry Christmas. With seasonal poems and creative, arty contributions from Years 1 and 2, it was a packed programme of festive charm. Dr. Rev. Richard Johnson kindly offered his own thoughts on what the Christingle represents and asked us all to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Children across the school and their parents have the opportunity to share the Christingle experience, as they enjoy watching the presentation online, hopefully, in a moment of calm in a busy day.

Lorne Stigant, Assistant Head

King’s Hawford Informal Christmas Concert

Years 4-6 get into the Christmas spirit having the chance to perform what they have been practicing in their year group bubbles.