King's Hawford

25 February

Folgarida, Italy Ski trip 2019

On Sunday, 21 children left from Hawford for a ski adventure in Folgarida, Italy. Despite the early start, all the children were in high spirts and kept the staff in good company for the drive to the airport. They behaved impeccably for the journey and were great ambassadors for the school. Once they arrived at the Hotel, they all got settled into the rooms before heading off for their ski fittings. Luckily, the ski rental was next door to the Hotel, which made it highly convenient.

Monday arrived and, despite some weary travellers being woken a little earlier than they would have liked, they all headed down to breakfast at 7 o'clock to allow them to walk out to the gondola for 7.45. The first morning was a busy process of ensuring all children had the required kit on, as well as, walking in all their ski gear. The staff were a little hot and bothered even before they had reached the slopes!

The beautiful gondola ride up the mountain more than made up for it and by 9 o'clock, all the children were grouped ready for ski school. They had  a fantastic first day with the party split into two groups of beginners and experienced skiers. They all managed well for the morning but were glad of the break for lunch, where they all enjoyed a hearty Italian lunch in a beautiful mountain side restaurant.

Refuelled, the groups headed back out for an afternoon of skiing until 3 o'clock, when their feet could no longer stand being in ski boots any more! Luckily it was a short hop along the slopes to the gondola and a relaxing sit down as they glided down the slopes. All the children were very appreciative of some downtime that first afternoon in the Hotel before a stimulating pre-diner quiz. The food was devoured with fervour and all had a good laugh trying to test their general knowledge. Not surprisingly, bed called not long after dinner and although there was the usual giggles expected, all were snoring soundly 30 minutes after heading to bed. That left four very relieved staff members to have some of their own downtime and to follow to bed quickly after.

A similar format was followed for the next four days, with the evening activities including scavenger hunts, shopping, gala dinners, bowling and pizza night. The children and staff made the most of all the glorious sunshine and delicious Italian cuisine. The staff were proud throughout with the behaviour and positive attitude of the children to have a go at new experiences and help each other conqueror new challenges. They were brilliant representatives for the school and the staff were so proud to accompany them on the trip. 

All the children were ready for some home comforts after a hard weeks skiing and on Saturday they flew home. They were greeted back at Hawford by some very expectant parents and there were big hugs all around. It has been a great success and the staff just need a few days rest before they can start planning the next one!!