King's Hawford

5 February

Hawford bake-off

We have had a very exciting morning judging the Hawford bake-off. Year 1 and 2 were invited to bring in six home-baked cookies, decorated as interestingly and uniquely as the baker desired. The years 3 to 6, similarly, brought in home-baked Fairy cakes in a myriad of designs and flavours. The children brought their bakes into school, ready to be judged in their respective houses. One winner was chosen from each house for both age groups and the winners have been put forward to the final on Friday. The four finalist from each age group are now expected to bake their goodies independently, without help, in front of the judges at school. 

The winners, in their finalist apron's, are:

Malvern House– Nico Calladine and Caitlin Rutter

Bredon House– Edith Dean and Anabel D'Auncey

Clent House- Amelia Moore and Oli Yip

Kinver House– Barnaby Bellairs and Benedict Roberts

All the leftover cookies and fairy cakes were sent to the Cobb for break time to be sold off for the school charity West Midlands County Air Ambulance. It was with great delight that the children sampled each other's baking!