King's Hawford

24 January

Hawford is bouncing into the New Year

The new term has started well and the children have all come back from their Christmas break with plenty of energy, ready for the Spring Term.

The children participated in netball and football camps over the Christmas holidays in preparation for the many fixtures they have coming up. The term also includes a number of trips and in-house activities, for example, movie night, forest school fundraising day, and my favourite, the welly-wanging competition at the end of March.

The students have been enjoying their trampolining sessions today, lead by our Director of Sport, Mr. Hodgkins. They were learning how to perform tuck jumps, star jumps, pikes, seat drops and front drops. The children were all eager to have a go and were very supportive of each other. With the sun flooding the new barn with light, it was an idyllic setting for a cold morning PE session.