King's Hawford

6 December

Hooray in the Manger!

Hawford has been blessed with two nativities this year. We have been able to celebrate the Christmas season with an offering from Kindergarten and Reception class with their performance "Stable by Starlight", a dazzling nativity musical, and also with Years 1 and 2's performance of "Hooray in a Manger". Parents have been given the opportunity to see both performances twice this week- just in case they changed the ending on the first one! 

Children as young as 3 in Kindergarten 2 have proudly taken to stage to demonstrate their singing, dancing and acting skills. We have had some pretty spectacular "stars" (pun intended!) and Mary gave a fabulous performance safely delivering Baby Jesus to the stable. All the parents were delighted to see the children recreating the traditional tale with a modern twist. There was some excellent Christmas cheer after the nativity with home made mince pies and a warming cup of tea.

The Years 1 and 2 equally amazed the audience with their performance "Hooray in a Manger". The production had an equal measure of humour in it, with many a Christmas pun included.

We have to thank the children who put so much effort and energy into their Christmas nativities. They all performed brilliantly up on stage and never seemed daunted by the occasion. We also would like to thank the parents for the costumes that were sent into school- the range of colours and styles brought the plays to life. We would also like to thank the Teachers for finding the extra time to fit in rehearsals and for directing such a fun start to the Christmas season at school.