King's Hawford

17 November

Informal Concert hits the right notes

Yesterday evening’s Informal Concert was a wonderful showcase of the musical talent of King’s Hawford. Pupils from Year Two to Year Six took it in turns to perform in a relaxed setting, in front of a very supportive audience of family and friends.

The concert featured performances on a variety of instruments as well as a number of vocal performances. The majority of the music groups were represented, including strings, woodwind and brass.

Alexander SC (Y2) kicked off proceedings with a Violin Concerto by Beethoven. Daisy E and Charlotte F, both from Year Four, played contrasting pieces demonstrating the versatility of the violin: Daisy played Y Delyn Newydd whilst Charlotte played Drunken Sailor.

Elizabeth N and Jess K both played the flute. Elizabeth captivated the audience with The Mockingbird Song and Jess K gave a faultless performance of Cat Walk. The woodwind instruments were well represented, with Austin R on the mini-bassoon and Jack J on the saxophone. Austin delivered a dreamy rendition of the Skye Boat Song and Jack J tackled The Song of the Volga Boatmen with great aplomb.

We also enjoyed two trombone performances: Samuel B stepped out of his comfort zone to play Strollin’ and Thea E gave a strong performance of Evening Prayer by Engelbert Humperdinck. The audience were then treated to two performances by Harry G on his trumpet. Firstly, he played Strollin’ as a solo, before teaming up with fellow brass player Sam for a duet. No stranger to informal concerts, Ben L showcased his musical pedigree by giving his debut performance on the French horn. Ben is already a talented cellist, so it was wonderful to see him branching out.

Simi H, Olivia W, Harry J, Iza MP, Ariana P and Darcy B all gave beautiful vocal performances. Our youngest vocalist of the concert, Simi sang Home on the Range. Olivia and Iza brought a great deal of experience to the concert and gave pitch-perfect performances of Singing in the Rain and Cockles and Mussels respectively. Ariana and Darcy both drew inspiration from The Little Mermaid: Ariana delighted the audience with Part of Your World and Darcy’s comic timing combined with her dulcet tones resulted in an excellent performance of Les Poissons.

It was a fantastic concert and all the performers should be commended for their tremendous performances. Thank you to Mrs Hughes for pulling the concert together; the scheduling for this concert was complicated by the Year Four trip and Musical Theatre Club, but it all came together on the night. We are extremely grateful for the work of our peripatetic staff and those who joined us at the concert last night.