King's Hawford

10 September

Inspirational musical talent

Pupils at King’s Hawford were captivated by the inspirational musical talent of Year 5 pupil, Michelle at this morning’s whole school assembly.

Michelle performed Grade 7 piano piece, “Sinfonia No15 in B minor” by J.S Bach from memory, a piece which she will be playing for her examination in November. Playing with confidence and poise Michelle is extremely talented and is still only just in Year 5.

Michelle is a Music Scholar at King’s Hawford, and she also plays the violin, sings and has recently passed her Grade 5 Theory with flying colours last term. A delightful pupil, Michelle attends Senior Choir and Orchestra and enjoys assisting her teacher with the Beginner Strings Group when she is not composing her own pieces.

We are sure that Michelle has a fantastic musical future ahead of her and is most certainly a pupil we shall keep an eye on and nurture as she progresses through the school. We are extremely proud of all of Michelle’s achievements to date and look forward to celebrating future successes with her.

Following Michelle’s performance, the school community lifted the roof of the barn with tuneful rendition of  “Everywhere around me” accompanied on the piano by our Director of Music and Performance, Mrs Hughes – musical talent at King’s Hawford is most certainly alive and well.