King's Hawford

25 March

KG’s Space Adventure

Kindergarten’s week has been out of this world. On Monday, children from Kindergarten 2 blasted off to Malvern Theatre to watch The Smeds and The Smoos. They had a fantastic time and were truly captivated by the show. The children were so well behaved that they managed to impress the ushers at the theatre.

Back in Kindergarten, the children were able to explore the story further. Each child had a go at mixing red (for The Smeds) and blue (for The Smoos) Playdoh. The children were intrigued to find out what colours they could produce.

The theatre trip tied in perfectly with Kindergarten’s Space theme. This week the children have been read Aliens Love Underpants and the story has inspired lots of fun activities. Washing pants is probably not an activity one would normally come across children doing but that’s exactly what Kindergarten 2 have been doing this week. The activity is perfectly designed to help the children practice their fine motor skills and kept them occupied for a long time!

The children have loved designing their own ‘pants’; each child has been able to express their personalities with their designs. Work has also begun for a new Kindergarten display. Lots of paint has been used and it was wonderful seeing the children getting creative!

A Space topic wouldn’t be complete without a rocket! The wonderful Kindergarten staff managed to transform the role play area into a super rocket! The children have had fun using their imaginations to blast off on secret intergalactic missions!

Keeping with their Space topic, Kindergarten made some cheesy rocket biscuits. The children had lots of fun but the best bit was obviously sampling their creations.

The focus in Kindergarten 1 has also been Space and the children have loved the Aliens Love Underpants book!

Alongside their Space topic, Kindergarten 1 have also been looking at the book in In Wibbly’s’ Garden and the nursery rhyme Wheels on the Bus. After reading, the children in Rainbow Room have planted some seeds, including runner beans and some cress. The children are very interested in the growth of both their runner beans and the cress.

The children have also enjoyed a spring walk around the school ground and found lots of new signs of Spring – from daffodils and green leaves to lambs and chicks!

In Forest School this week Kindergarten 1 made the most of the sunshine and spent their time exploring the site with their friends. This week the children have been enjoying the sunshine with lots of outdoor play, both in the courtyard and out in the Early Years garden.

The children have taken part in lots of craft activities and have finished their Spring notice board with the addition of some little chicks. KG1 have also been working hard on producing some beautiful Mother’s Day cards.