King's Hawford

2 October

Kindergarten 1 swimming lessons

Kindergarten 1 swimming sessions are a new addition to the start of the Autumn term. The children all arrived highly excited about going in the pool with their teachers and splashing with their friends. At Hawford, we like to take every opportunity to give the children exposure to new experiences and learning environments. The Kindergarten children have absolutely loved going along to the conservatory to play while a small group of them go in the water with qualified Early Years staff to improve their water confidence and swimming skills. A key element of the session is to get the children aware of how to behave around the water, keeping a safe distance away until they are allowed to safely enter the water under the guidance of their teacher. They utilise a range of floating aids as necessary to promote independance in the water and get the children use to controlling their body in water. The staff are very good at encouraging the children to get their faces wet and learning to blow bubbles out, in order to prepare them for more formal swimming sessions where putting their faces in the water is expected. We have a variety of floating and sensory toys for children to chase around the pool.

At the end of the day, the children think it is brilliant fun and love having the opportunity to swim with their friends.