King's Hawford

30 September

Music Scholarships awarded

We are pleased to announce that eight of our pupils have been awarded music scholarships. The scholarships were awarded following applications and auditions that took place during the Summer Term. Pupils from Years Two to Five were invited to apply, provided they had achieved a minimum standard of Grade 1 in Year 2.

Auditions took place in front of Mrs Hughes, Director of Music & Performance, and an additional assessor from the Senior School. Pupils had to perform two pieces on their instrument, or one on each if they play two instruments or have singing lessons. The remainder of the audition comprised sight-reading, two scales, and an aural. The auditions concluded with friendly chat!

Music Scholarships

Our scholars all impressed during their auditions and each showed musical potential, dedication and real interest in developing and improving their skills. All are good music readers and talented musicians. Our successful scholars will now be expected to lead by example, make the most of the brilliant array of performance opportunities in concerts and assemblies, attend relevant ensembles and maintain good levels of progress through practice.

The following pupils have been awarded Music Scholarships and should be very proud of the achievement:

Year Six:

Edward (Clarinet & Guitar),

Henry (Harp),

Katia (Trumpet),

Will (Piano & Trumpet),

Nico (Piano & Trumpet)

Year Five:

Michelle (Piano, Violin & Singing),

Edith (Cello)

Year Four:

Harry (Clarinet).

An exceptional bunch of young musicians! Well done to all those who auditioned, the standards were extremely high this year.