King's Hawford

24 June

Oh “What a Knight”! Oh what a performance!

Taking their turn on the stage at The Barn here at King’s Hawford, Year 5 and 6 dazzled us all with a performance of Craig Hawes’ What a Knight! and what a night it was!

When young squire, Watt Cobblers (Daniel L), is expelled from Knight School, he reluctantly becomes Merlin’s (Florence B) new apprentice. But trouble is never far away and soon Camelot Castle collapses into chaos. Merlin loses Excalibur and King Arthur’s (Ned T) daughters (Bertie D, Harvey R, Billy T, Cameron K and Ben E) are kidnapped. So his not-so-brave knights (Georgia J, Arabella D, Oscar S-H, Charlotte B, Anya R, Molly W and Amelia M) attempt to rescue the princesses, using Merlin’s potion to help them on their quest. Meanwhile, Watt and his new-found friends, Dusty Dragon (Florrie C) and wayward Princess Alice (Emily J), set off on the biggest quest of their lives. Do the unlikely heroes rescue the princesses, save Excalibur and defeat the evil Black Knight (Henry K)? The answers were all found in this magical performance!

The cast most certainly had the audience tapping their toes, laughing and singing along, and we are sure that given half a chance some of the parents (and staff) would have been up out of their seats dancing too! It is clear that, led by Director and Musical Director, Mrs Sophie Hughes, the cast had worked hard rehearsing to ensure that the show was thoroughly entertaining and memorable. Our thanks must also go to Assistant Director, Miss Vicky Lake and Choreographer, Jenny O’Brien, without whom the show would not have been possible.

Having performed across two evenings, both in warmer than expected conditions, pupils could be heard congratulating one another as they headed back to the dressing rooms – a brilliant example of teamwork at King’s Hawford as well as outstanding acting and musical talent. Well done everyone.