King's Hawford

6 March

People who help us

Reception have been learning all about "People who help us". They have been very industrious interviewing members of the school staff to find out how they help the school and the teachers. They have visited the school office as well as, speaking with the Mr. Vaughan, Matron and Mr. Turner to understand their roles better.


This week there has been a focus on people who help us look after animals. The children have been discussing vets and animal husbandry. They were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs. Leatherdale's Mother, Mrs. Parkes,  who brought her two golden retrievers and her Shetland Pony along with her. The children enjoyed stroking and interacting with the animals, as well as learning about grooming, feeding and exercising the animals. All the children (and staff!) were highly excited about the arrival of the pony at school and the visit was really well received. We are very thankful to Mrs. Parkes for sharing her knowledge of animal welfare and for bringing her pets in for the children to see.

The children will receive some suprise visits from a Police Constable and a Fire crew in the next few weeks- but don't tell the children!