King's St Alban's

23 September

Pupils immersed in humanities!

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned geography field trip??

Year 6 certainly fully immersed themselves in their new humanities topic of ‘Rivers’ on an informative trip to the Knapp and Papermill. Part of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Knapp and Papermill is a beautiful reserve consisting of old valley meadows, woodland and an orchard – ideal for any geography field trip!

Upon arrival, Marissa from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust led the group through the scenic nature reserve to a special access point on the Leigh Brook. Winding through a valley of steep woodlands and rich meadows, Leigh Brook offered pupils the perfect opportunity to learn. Pupils were enthralled by learning how to measure up and draw the profile of a river and how to measure the rate of river flow with a hydro prop.

After a delicious, packed lunch and a spider infestation, which was a little too close to nature for some, pupils were ready for an afternoon session. The enthusiastic pupils developed their knowledge of river features and investigated the water quality by conducting a kick sample. There was much excitement as they caught increasingly bigger crayfish, as well as small fish and freshwater invertebrates such as mayfly and dragonfly nymphs.

The pupils savoured the chance to get closer to nature, something they will have plenty of further opportunities to do as they progress through the Year 6 curriculum. Year 6 geographical topics will focus on developing an in depth understanding of the water cycle and rivers, studying their features from source to mouth. Pupils can look forward to studying the River Severn before moving on to some of the major rivers of the world, including how they are used and managed. To find out more about our Year 6 curriculum please click here.

We look forward to hearing lots more from our Year 6 Geographers over the coming year.