King's Hawford

20 March

Reception visit from Police and Fire Officers

Reception classes have continued with their topic about people who help us. Over the past two weeks they have been delighted with suprise visits from two Police Community Support Officers and four Fire Officers. The children had great fun learning about the ways the different officers helped them and how they can prevent themselves from getting into trouble!

The children were especially engaged in dressing up in protective head gear loaned by the Community Support Officers, with a range of headwear being modelled by the children. As the Community Support Officer left the site, they put on the siren and flashing lights- which caused a great deal of excitement amongst the children.

On Monday, the children greeted the Fire Officers outside the barn and were treated to a demonstration of the water hoses off the Fire Engine. Due to the cold weather, the hose water very quickly froze on the field and the demonstration was drawn to a close, but not before the children were amazed by the power of water jets.  The Fire Officers also brought a spare protective uniform to dress a teacher up in- Mrs Goodman was volunteered by the children and embraced the opportunity to be transformed into a Fire fighting warrior. The children were taught how to “Stop, drop and roll” and gladly practised their new skills. They talked about how to stay safe around fire and what to do in an emergency.

The children have learnt so much from having interaction with real-life services and the people who deliver them. It has been a fabulous topic for the term and I hope they have learnt a lot from their experiences.