King's Hawford

10 January

Start of Spring Term 2019

The children have started back full of energy for the Spring Term. They have been making the most of the dry days, despite the temperature turning colder. The younger children have been togging up in warm and waterproof clothes to enjoy the glimmers of sunshine around the school grounds.


The older children have been straight back into their regular timetables and we have already had lots of Head Teacher's Awards and Commendations given out. They all seem to have returned to school full of gusto after recharging the batteries over the Christmas break.


We have all the after school and break time activities as usual this week. Today, at Rugby Tots we had some of our Kindergarten children having their first ever rugby lesson. The Rugby Tots instructor, Tom, was really encouraging of all their participation and the children enjoyed rocket games, parachute games as well as a well earned sticker and high five at the end of the session.


We are all looking forward to the range of events that we have running this term and hope you may be able to join us for some of them.