King's Hawford

3 December

The Big Little Nativity

This week children from Reception and Kindergarten 2 joined together for two very special performances of their nativity – The Big Little Nativity. Since the half term break, they have been working hard on learning their lines, the words to the songs and the timings for getting on and off stage. The children (and teachers) have put a great deal of effort into the play and this showed during the performances.

Over the past few weeks Mrs Hughes and the Reception team have been teaching the children the catchy tunes which included Big Adventure, Naughty Sheep, Knock Knock Who’s There and Sing the Good News.

It was wonderful to see Mary, Joseph, the angels, the shepherds, the wise men and the camels, as well as the more creative casting – the doors! All of the children gave confident performances and none was phased by the audience. Everyone who has seen the children perform this week has commented on how well they performed.

Special mention must go to Tanith, Emily, William and Aoife, who all did outstandingly well despite missing many of the later rehearsals due to having to isolate.

Well done Reception and KG2 for a wonderful telling of a big story with little voices – the audiences on both occasions were captivated by your beautiful play. There were definitely a few tears of pride shed!

Special thanks to all of the brilliant members of staff involved: Miss Willis, Miss Lane, Mrs Stallard, Miss Greg, Mrs Hughes, Miss Kingston and her Kindergarten team. You’ve got 10 months until you get to do it all over again! We can’t wait.