King's Hawford

8 June

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London was recently reignited at King’s Hawford thanks to an exciting interactive experiment conducted by our Year 1 children.

Following a busy few weeks studying the catastrophic blaze as part of their topic, the children had great fun recreating the fire in the safety of our very own Forest School site.

In the run up to the experiment, the children worked together to make Tudor Houses out of old cereal boxes to recreate their very own Pudding Lane.  Once completed, their models were taken to the site so they could see for themselves how quickly the fire spread from house to house.

Year 1 Teacher, Helen Willis said: “What better way to bring this topic to life than to recreate The Great Fire of London. The children have been completely engaged in the topic and have learnt so much not only about the devastating fire, but also fire safety.

Seeing the fire spread through our very own Pudding Lane and how quickly the flames took hold caused great excitement, and will no doubt create lifelong memories.”

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