King's Hawford

14 January

Walking In A Winter Wonderland.

The focus this week has been on Winter and luckily the weather has not disappointed – Miss Kingston could not have planned it better! The plunge in temperatures and the frost and fog that has accompanied the change in weather has meant that our youngest pupils have been well and truly inspired by the environment around them. The week started with the children being asked to describe winter, there were some lovely answers. Mia told us that “Frosty means it is winter and I can ice skate with my family” and Zach’s observation “If you meet Jack Frost and touch him you’ll get VERY cold!” was quite charming. The conversation lead to discussions on everything from the weather, the world outside and types of clothes that are more suited to the winter months.

With the crisp, dry mornings Kindergarten have relished the opportunity to get outside and explore the winter wonderland that has appeared outside the window this week. The children quickly noted the need to wrap up warm in winter. Bundled up in wellies, coats, hats, scarves and gloves and armed with magnifying glasses the children have had a superb time exploring. Frosty fields, frozen puddles and intricate cobwebs all captivated the attention of the children. Using their senses the children were encouraged to explain what Winter felt and looked like.

Taking inspiration from their outdoor investigations the children have crafted some fantastic artwork. Using an array of different materials the children have created wintery scenes, snowmen, and snowflakes. KG1have been building with ice blocks, experimenting with melting and learning about polar animals.

Some of the children are longer for warmer days with sunglasses being the accessory of choice.

A highlight of the week has to be KG2’s first ever Dough Disco! Every child picked a colour playdoh that will be theirs to use in KG2. They then listened to music whilst squashing, rolling and prodding their dough to the beat. These exercises for the fingers help to improve the fine motor control and gross motor skills. This in turn will help develop muscles in the children’s hands which will aid in their writing.

Continuing work on developing fine motor skills KG2 also had a go at using tweezers to pick up snowballs, unwrapping arctic animals covered in foil and creating snowmen from playdoh.

It’s been an exciting start to the Spring Term for our youngest pupils. We have welcomed a number of new starters over the last week and it is great to see everyone settling in so quickly. We look forward to hearing more of their adventures of the coming weeks.