King's Hawford

15 October

Week 6 Autumn Term in Pre-Prep

Week 6 Autumn Term we are catching up with Kindergarten. The past six weeks have flown by and we have watched as our new starters have settled into their new routines and found their feet. We have watched friendships form and confidence grow across Kindergarten. It has definitely been a busy and enjoyable half term.

This week the children have finished their All About Me topic and have spent the remainder of the week focusing on Autumn. To round off the All About Me Topic, Kindergarten 2 have made some fabulous ‘face’ pizzas which they enjoyed taking home to show and share with their families. The children brainstormed what vegetables they needed to make their eyes, nose, mouth and in some cases hair.

Week 6 Autumn Term

As part of the topic Kindergarten 2 have been drawing self portraits and exploring their own footprints and handprints in mud at Forest School. The children took it in turns to draw around each other and label parts of the body.

Week 6 Autumn Term

In Kindergarten 1 the children went on a Hungry Caterpillar adventure during their PE session in The Barn. They started by crawling like a caterpillar, before climbing a mountain and eventually turning into butterflies. The butterflies then tested their wings by doing jumps onto the gym mats.

In addition to finishing the All About Me Topic, our Kindergarten children have spent time doing autumnal activities. Kindergarten 2 have done some amazing pumpkin work. They have hammered golf tees into pumpkins, stretched elastic bands around them, had a go at drawing their own pumpkin faces and even created pumpkin prints using half an apple. All activities have really supported the children’s physical development in both gross and fine motor skills.

Week 6 Autumn Term

Kindergarten 1 meanwhile have made some lovely autumnal wreaths and have enjoyed plenty of walks on the school grounds, observing the changing scenery as the autumn term has progressed. They noticed how the leaves have gradually changed colour and how some have already started to fall; they have also collected conkers and leaves.

Week 6 Autumn Term

On Wednesday the children had their weekly Shake Rattle and Groove sessions with Singing Sarah – definitely a highlight of the week for many! It has been wonderful to watch our Kindergarten 1 children grow in confidence in these sessions each week.

On Thursday a large number of Kindergarten 2 children headed out to the fields for their weekly Rugby Tots session with Coach Catherine and Coach Mike. The children practised their throwing, running, kicking and dodging skills!

Kindergarten have had a wonderful start to the term and we cannot wait to welcome them back next half term. The second half of the term will be busier still and we are excited for the adventures that lie ahead.