King's St Alban's

22 June


U9 A v Winterfold

Last Tuesday, the U9 A team had a fantastic cricket match at Winterfold. It was played in superb spirit with some genuinely good cricket on show. I was delighted with how all of the boys performed, but Piers in particular must be mentioned for his batting performance. Well done, boys.

Mr Dudley

U11 Girls Cricket v RGS 

The U11 Girls Cricket team finished their sporting experience at St Alban's in a flurry of glory last week with an excellent exhibition of cricket skills. This was only their second cricket match but, 'O how they improved!' Their calling was confident, with quick running between the wickets and we got 8 wickets through careful bowling and superb fielding. They had a convincing victory in this match and really enjoyed playing the game. Well done to them all!

Mrs Clark

U9 Rounders v RGS The Grange

We had a lovely last afternoon of rounders matches with our 11 U9 girls on Tuesday afternoon. We decided to do an A and then a B innings to ensure all of the team had a chance to enjoy representing the school. Martha scored several rounders and also bowled superbly well on turn to field. However The Grange had some excellent hitters and we found it difficult to field the ball in to 4th post before the batter had run all the way round. The first innings finished KSA 6 ½ to RGS The Grange 8 ½. Well done to Martha for getting players’ player.

Sophia also had a good innings and managed to score 1 ½ rounders during the second part of the game and Phoebe had a great attempt at bowling. An excellent performance from all of the team resulted in a close win. Final score in the second innings KSA 5 ½ to RGS The Grange 5. Well done to Arabella for getting players’ player.

U8 Rounders Festival

The Year 3 girls went to the rounders festival keen to show off the skills they've been working on practice each week. Stephanie impressed with her consistent bowling, whilst also managing to score a rounder against RGS Springfield. Heidi and Isabella demonstrated strong batting, both scoring an impressive rounder and a half each against Springfield, with Pari, Anna, and Gracie also scoring rounders in the matches. Anna produced two efficient performances as backstop, linking up well with Amelia and Pari in the field. Lily-Mae and Emily showed off their fielding skills as they limited Winterfold to scoring just one and a half rounders in their final match.

All of the girls gained valuable experience and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Rounders Festival