King's Hawford

15 February

Winston’s Wish Charity Day


We have had the most energetic day filled with a plethora of fund raising activities. We started the day off with an assembly with Mr. Turner in his Superman onesie- which had the children in stitches! All the children came to school in onesie's, PJ's, wigs or wacky hair which had the desired effect of them all being highly engaged and energetic in the day's activities. At first break we had a massive cake sale, both children and parents had baked an array of delights, and the Year 6 children enjoyed practising their hard sell techniques on anyone who came near them. 

Whilst enjoying our cakes, we were kept entertained with a multitude of buskers. We had children playing oboes, saxophones, violins, trumpets and singing. It was great to see our children enjoy showcasing their talent to their peers. 

The Year 2's produced a beautiful copper trail, creating the outline of the words "Winston's Wish" as well as a flower. It drew quite a crowd as the children arranged the change and with the low spring sun creating a warm glow off the copper it made the event extra special.

The Year 3's were very industrious in spraying  the older children's hair with the brightest colours they could find. Pink seemed to be the most popular amongst all the children but sadly none of the teachers were brave enough to allow the children to spray colour their hair!

There were so many cakes left over, we decided to hold a second cake sale after lunch break. The children were more than happy to have a second cake and continue playing around the copper trail. The excitement needed to be harnessed to gt the children through their last lessons before the Valentine's disco!

Mr. Turner was the DJ and the children were full of song ideas for him to play. The obligatory "Baby Shark" made a few appearances, as well as, some old classics like "Superman". The children were able to buy refreshments during the disco and they all enjoyed the opportunity to watch their teachers dance in funny ways, as well as running off some of the energy from the cakes consumed!

All in all, it's been the most marvellous Charity day. The children have really embraced the event and we hope we have raised a large amount for the school charity.