King's Hawford

26 May

Year 2 Enjoy An Afternoon on the Canal

Year 2 made the most of the weather this week and enjoyed an exciting afternoon of activities on the canal.


First up was a session on the Katakanus practising the directional language they’ve been learning in Maths, moving the boat in the water in different directions. The children also practised turns, such as clockwise, anticlockwise, quarter, half and full turns. Their final activity on the water was a game of canal side bingo, which involved spotting all sorts of interesting things like a mooring bollard, a duck making a quacking noise or the number on a lock.


Back on the towpath the children completed a litter pick and then sorted the rubbish into different recycling types. They also had a go at the ‘canal corridors’ experiment. This simply involved picking a few things that were growing along the canal side and scraping the soil gathered from the muddy towpath walk into an old seed tray. Over the next few weeks the children will be keeping a close eye to see if anything grows. Please do keep us posted Year 2!