King's St Alban's

11 May

King’s Join Forces with Hereford Cathedral School for Evensong

On Tuesday 10th May, the King’s St Alban’s Chamber Choir (Years 5 & 6) joined forces with the King’s Worcester Lower Years Chamber Choir and pupils from Hereford Cathedral School (Years 7 & 8) to sing evensong in Worcester Cathedral.

For the majority of the pupils, this was their first time singing in this style of service, and it gave them a real taste of life as a cathedral chorister. There was a huge amount of music to prepare, and they had to work hard to learn a Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, the anthem – Quilter’s Non Nobis Domine, the responses and a psalm. Much of this was prepared alongside two pieces for the KSA Spring Concert, so rehearsals have been incredibly focused! This music is also very different from the pupils’ usual repertoire, challenging them as they tackled unfamiliar vocabulary and the idiosyncrasies of psalm-singing.

The pupils were incredibly excited about putting all their preparation into practice and joining together for the rehearsal in the Quire. Singing with full organ accompaniment was incredibly stirring and made all the work worthwhile. Having rehearsed hard for an hour, they enjoyed a snack break before lining up in the cloisters for the service itself. As the fifty singers processed into the choir stalls in the Cathedral Quire, they were met by a large congregation of supportive parents and friends. The sound of so many combined voices resonating in the large spaces of Worcester Cathedral was truly memorable. Many thanks to all those involved in Evensong, and we look forward to future collaborative events with our friends at Hereford Cathedral School!

Earlier this year the Chamber Choirs of the three Cathedral Choir Schools, King’s Worcester, King’s Gloucester and Hereford Cathedral School joined forces to sing Choral Evensong in Worcester Cathedral.